Visit ‘God’s very own country’ with some GunGyaan!

Well, this is not a conventional “Must do list for Kerala”  It’s a “TRY-IT-OUT List”, which we explored zipping around Kerala & not being typical touristy types…

– Kappa chips & Mirchi Vada

Large, ‘more than crispy’ chips made from Tapioca fruit, available across Kerala is a ‘must have’ (No one can have just one). Curiosity about Kappa led me to the fact, Sabudana is made out of the same Tapioca Fruit…Did u know about this?

& Mirchi Vada (Yes… u read it right), a surprise street food in ‘Kerala’ is twist to ‘Rajasthani Mirchi Vada’  & the twist is amazing.

downloadphoto (1)

– Elephant Ride

The ‘Elephant Ride’ was a fun ride, especially for ‘pic crazy’ people like me… n m sure, lot of people r like me..even if they don’t confide.. 😀

kerela Elephants

 – Kathakali

Traditional dance of Kerala, is an amazing story telling dance form & specially for a ‘nautanki’ person like me…the superb expressions of the artists inspire u to make ur life a Bigger Drama.. :-p .. I loved the EXPRESSIONS!!

Kathakali selfie is a ‘must’


– Kalaripayattu Show (The original Indian Martial Art)

I was pretty apprehensive about going for this, but at the end of it the strikes, kicks, grappling,  weaponry etc. was worth it! & inspiring…


– Beaches

Kerala & Beaches.. Wats new in that?? But the “Golden Sand Beach” which is not on a typical ‘Must visit places list’ of Kerala, is the most serene beach, I have ever seen. Actually “THE GOLDEN SAND BEACH”

PicsArt (2)

– Kerala thali

We were pretty confused to order food cooked in coconut oil.. BUT the big, spicy, delicious..(and I m already drooling) Kerela Thali which we found in Thekkady is a must must have…Its a delight for Veg & Non-Veg Lovers.. 😀

photo (2)

– Click a PANORAMA pic in Munnar

The beauty of Tea Garden matched with perfect sky can only be captured in a Panorama & you won’t stop clicking

photo (3)

– House boat

The Houseboat in the Backwaters of Kerala – The more I searched on net, the more confusing it got…To go or not?.. Finally we went, & we didn’t regret.. It is out of the World Experience..The Houseboats sailing near u, the oh so beautiful scenes which we see in movies are just there in front of u.. The food on Houseboat is amazing.. and the experience, takes away ur heart…Snaps say it all!

PicsArt (1)

Learn to speak “I love u” & “gaali”

I really love to ask for “I love you’ & one “Gaali” to locals, wherever I travel..It just makes my day…DO TRY IT NEXT TIME, U MIGHT LOVE THE Experience…



Kerala, a ‘Secular State’ where in our driver, guide & new found friend Shafiq called the beautiful Chapels of Kerala…”Christians ki Dargah”  & temples, as “Hinduo ki masjid”

Most of the restaurants had a wall with all deities together

Gimme a buzz before you go plan a trip to God’s very own country!


“Maa,tu kitni achi hai” is just one side of the coin!

Maa/Mom/Mummy, the glorious “love giving human being” ,as being portrayed in Indian Cinemas…..does dat breed exists??

Is ur Mom 24*7 “Daya ki Murat” species….

Do u have the same “super lovey Dovey” moments with ur mom!!

The answer is NO..It is just 50% of the Real story…The real story is behind the doors/curtains of the fast paced worlds,where mom is trying to protect(read stop) her son/daughter & the ‘beloved ones’ love to experience the New thrills at different Paces…so there ought to be Friction!

Realty Check—-We cannot have a  “Rakhi” type mom!

(not rakhi sawant :-P)

We ought to have our differences, where we get angry, shout, get pissed, hate her for some moments,etc

There is a Generation Gap which is filled by different expressions which is mostly ‘not so love filled’ rather they are ‘argumentative’

But YES ,Eventually we turn to her for Everything!

Be it Food,Love Advice,Emotion Venting sessions …and many more…the list is endless ..

So,The songs which matches our Real ‘Love & Hate’ relationship are…

Stalker Mom“Maa ka phone aaya………”


Ab aayegi, aayegi jo ring bajegi sa re ga ma
Phone ke ander se phootega melodrama melodrama ,

Aaye tujhe bhi naani maa ka phone (Maa ki maa ka)

Main bolun jo bolun toh phir chalu hoga hungama

Times when moms keep calling u,wen u r in Movie,going out for dinner,for coffee or at friends house…..All of us (poor kids) have gone through the “Calling Card Mom”..:-D

Not SOOOO Modern Maa“Maa ka laadla bigad gaya………”


Munda munde naal paunda yaariyan 

Sheraa panda nure aunda, khwabee maa da ujad gaya

Poor Mom-The Ever changing Generation..How is she supposed to keep up with ur different Sexual Choices…Bichari mumma..:-D

Shaadi karwao Mom“Papa ki pari hun main….”


Hey, Mummy Ke Dil Mein, Ik Baat Aayee, Jaldi Se LaDki Ki Kar Do Sagaai

Moms which are always after their Kids,right from year 1….”Beta shaadi Karega/ aisa hoga..waisa hoga” ……Pata nahin Kaisa hoga….!

Love guru Mom“Maayni maayni munder pe teri…..”


Mannat maangi thi toone ik roj main jaaun bihaai

Moms are the ones who tell u how to behave in a relationship,how to woo ur husband/wife..:-D..Its good but Over-indulgence is a NO-NO…


Dost Mom-“O mummy mummy….”


The Urgency to get Married to ur loved one can only be shared with ur Mom…which she is sooo interested in knowing…with dat mysterious smile…:-D

Saas Mom“Mummy o mummy,tu kab saas banegi….”-khatta meetha

khatta meetha

Mothers who have had aspirational lives…..Aspiration to become SAAS ONE FINE DAY…..& Trust me,There are lot of them!!

Samjhu Mom-Meri maa-dasvidanya

meri maa

Tu gussa karti hai bada achchha lagta hai

Tu kaan pakadti hai
Badi jor se lagtaa hai meri maa..

So,Yes this a last Song on My list..Which had to be lovely…U guessed it right, i have a Mom back home…& cannot afford a ” BHAR BHAR KILO MELODRAMA”……

Share If u Have Mom who makes ur life fun!!

Do tell me,Which Kind is urs?


“Daal Chilla”-Desi Protien Formula!-New Beakfast Idea!!

Me-Kal kya banau breafast main,Sunday hai na?

My Husband-Kuch bhi…

Me-Phir bhi,tum batao…

My husband-dekhlo..i dnt know

So,I go inside the kitchen and soak Chilke wali Green Moong Daal!


What do i need-1 1/2 cupsovernight soaked chilke wali moong dal
4 green chillies,ginger
salt & oil for cooking(Dats it!!!!)

I grinded all of the above in a mixture…& there…I  m ready to go!!!!!

Greased the Non stick Tawa…..Spread the Batter ,Turn over  till light brown chilla…!!


‘Protien Packed Desi Chilla” is Ready

Enjoy it with Ketchup or Green Chutney,,However…!!

Ditch all ur Protien Shakes & Eggs!!

Ask ur mom to give u two “Protien Chilla” per day & keep ur Protien levels in place!!On second thoughts,U make it for ur Mom & Surprise her…<3 ❤ <3!!!

Note-Batter can be used for 2-3 days in fridge,Can be used as and when Required!!

So,Next time,If ur guests arrive,and u wanna chit chat with them…Keep Ur Batter Ready!!

Neon Liya kya???

The most In-Colour for the Season is “Neon”…..Dhantanannnnn
Alia Bhatt worn it in HSKD, Deepika and all the Heroes(Guys are u listening) wore Neon in almost all of HNY & manyyyyy moreeee.
So,What r u waiting for!!!!

Oh Yeas I know….If u think

-Neon is too bright for me to wear!It is for heroines!
-Oh!!How can I wear Neon!It will look ajeeb on me!

The Trick is”Start Slow”!

Start by Including Neon in small proportions in ur dressing..Once u like the look and feel of the colour,we can always experiment more!!


  • Start By Neon Rubber Bands
The Oh so Beautiful and easily available Rubber bands will bring a special spunk to ur look.U can Put more then one at a time to get multi colour look.
 For Online Shopping:
  • The Neon Earings are the Best to start with
The small neon earings can give a new & fresh look to ur daily outfit as well..The brightness of the colour can make ur season look energetic!!

So,Go Shop and Enjoyyyy!!

If u love/hate ur partner, watch Gone Girl!

Beautiful looking Couple with lots of love around.

A smart, sexy, Beautiful writer/Author of ‘Amazing Ammy’ loves her husband to Moon and back.

The Husband loves the girl more then anyone can think..



Gonegirl story sketch
Gonegirl story sketch

Where does she Go way? Why does she go? Will she Come back? Who will bring her back? Should your Partner love u irrationally? What will u do to get him/her back?

Don’t mess with Women, Else “Gone girl”!!

Don’t miss the movie,else “gone Movie”..:-p