Neon Liya kya???

The most In-Colour for the Season is “Neon”…..Dhantanannnnn
Alia Bhatt worn it in HSKD, Deepika and all the Heroes(Guys are u listening) wore Neon in almost all of HNY & manyyyyy moreeee.
So,What r u waiting for!!!!

Oh Yeas I know….If u think

-Neon is too bright for me to wear!It is for heroines!
-Oh!!How can I wear Neon!It will look ajeeb on me!

The Trick is”Start Slow”!

Start by Including Neon in small proportions in ur dressing..Once u like the look and feel of the colour,we can always experiment more!!


  • Start By Neon Rubber Bands
The Oh so Beautiful and easily available Rubber bands will bring a special spunk to ur look.U can Put more then one at a time to get multi colour look.
 For Online Shopping:
  • The Neon Earings are the Best to start with
The small neon earings can give a new & fresh look to ur daily outfit as well..The brightness of the colour can make ur season look energetic!!

So,Go Shop and Enjoyyyy!!


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