“Daal Chilla”-Desi Protien Formula!-New Beakfast Idea!!

Me-Kal kya banau breafast main,Sunday hai na?

My Husband-Kuch bhi…

Me-Phir bhi,tum batao…

My husband-dekhlo..i dnt know

So,I go inside the kitchen and soak Chilke wali Green Moong Daal!


What do i need-1 1/2 cupsovernight soaked chilke wali moong dal
4 green chillies,ginger
salt & oil for cooking(Dats it!!!!)

I grinded all of the above in a mixture…& there…I  m ready to go!!!!!

Greased the Non stick Tawa…..Spread the Batter ,Turn over  till light brown chilla…!!


‘Protien Packed Desi Chilla” is Ready

Enjoy it with Ketchup or Green Chutney,,However…!!

Ditch all ur Protien Shakes & Eggs!!

Ask ur mom to give u two “Protien Chilla” per day & keep ur Protien levels in place!!On second thoughts,U make it for ur Mom & Surprise her…<3 ❤ <3!!!

Note-Batter can be used for 2-3 days in fridge,Can be used as and when Required!!

So,Next time,If ur guests arrive,and u wanna chit chat with them…Keep Ur Batter Ready!!


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