“Maa,tu kitni achi hai” is just one side of the coin!

Maa/Mom/Mummy, the glorious “love giving human being” ,as being portrayed in Indian Cinemas…..does dat breed exists??

Is ur Mom 24*7 “Daya ki Murat” species….

Do u have the same “super lovey Dovey” moments with ur mom!!

The answer is NO..It is just 50% of the Real story…The real story is behind the doors/curtains of the fast paced worlds,where mom is trying to protect(read stop) her son/daughter & the ‘beloved ones’ love to experience the New thrills at different Paces…so there ought to be Friction!

Realty Check—-We cannot have a  “Rakhi” type mom!

(not rakhi sawant :-P)

We ought to have our differences, where we get angry, shout, get pissed, hate her for some moments,etc

There is a Generation Gap which is filled by different expressions which is mostly ‘not so love filled’ rather they are ‘argumentative’

But YES ,Eventually we turn to her for Everything!

Be it Food,Love Advice,Emotion Venting sessions …and many more…the list is endless ..

So,The songs which matches our Real ‘Love & Hate’ relationship are…

Stalker Mom“Maa ka phone aaya………”


Ab aayegi, aayegi jo ring bajegi sa re ga ma
Phone ke ander se phootega melodrama melodrama ,

Aaye tujhe bhi naani maa ka phone (Maa ki maa ka)

Main bolun jo bolun toh phir chalu hoga hungama

Times when moms keep calling u,wen u r in Movie,going out for dinner,for coffee or at friends house…..All of us (poor kids) have gone through the “Calling Card Mom”..:-D

Not SOOOO Modern Maa“Maa ka laadla bigad gaya………”


Munda munde naal paunda yaariyan 

Sheraa panda nure aunda, khwabee maa da ujad gaya

Poor Mom-The Ever changing Generation..How is she supposed to keep up with ur different Sexual Choices…Bichari mumma..:-D

Shaadi karwao Mom“Papa ki pari hun main….”


Hey, Mummy Ke Dil Mein, Ik Baat Aayee, Jaldi Se LaDki Ki Kar Do Sagaai

Moms which are always after their Kids,right from year 1….”Beta shaadi Karega/gi..to aisa hoga..waisa hoga” ……Pata nahin Kaisa hoga….!

Love guru Mom“Maayni maayni munder pe teri…..”


Mannat maangi thi toone ik roj main jaaun bihaai

Moms are the ones who tell u how to behave in a relationship,how to woo ur husband/wife..:-D..Its good but Over-indulgence is a NO-NO…


Dost Mom-“O mummy mummy….”


The Urgency to get Married to ur loved one can only be shared with ur Mom…which she is sooo interested in knowing…with dat mysterious smile…:-D

Saas Mom“Mummy o mummy,tu kab saas banegi….”-khatta meetha

khatta meetha

Mothers who have had aspirational lives…..Aspiration to become SAAS ONE FINE DAY…..& Trust me,There are lot of them!!

Samjhu Mom-Meri maa-dasvidanya

meri maa

Tu gussa karti hai bada achchha lagta hai

Tu kaan pakadti hai
Badi jor se lagtaa hai meri maa..

So,Yes this a last Song on My list..Which had to be lovely…U guessed it right, i have a Mom back home…& cannot afford a ” BHAR BHAR KILO MELODRAMA”……

Share If u Have Mom who makes ur life fun!!

Do tell me,Which Kind is urs?



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