Visit ‘God’s very own country’ with some GunGyaan!

Well, this is not a conventional “Must do list for Kerala”  It’s a “TRY-IT-OUT List”, which we explored zipping around Kerala & not being typical touristy types…

– Kappa chips & Mirchi Vada

Large, ‘more than crispy’ chips made from Tapioca fruit, available across Kerala is a ‘must have’ (No one can have just one). Curiosity about Kappa led me to the fact, Sabudana is made out of the same Tapioca Fruit…Did u know about this?

& Mirchi Vada (Yes… u read it right), a surprise street food in ‘Kerala’ is twist to ‘Rajasthani Mirchi Vada’  & the twist is amazing.

downloadphoto (1)

– Elephant Ride

The ‘Elephant Ride’ was a fun ride, especially for ‘pic crazy’ people like me… n m sure, lot of people r like me..even if they don’t confide.. 😀

kerela Elephants

 – Kathakali

Traditional dance of Kerala, is an amazing story telling dance form & specially for a ‘nautanki’ person like me…the superb expressions of the artists inspire u to make ur life a Bigger Drama.. :-p .. I loved the EXPRESSIONS!!

Kathakali selfie is a ‘must’


– Kalaripayattu Show (The original Indian Martial Art)

I was pretty apprehensive about going for this, but at the end of it the strikes, kicks, grappling,  weaponry etc. was worth it! & inspiring…


– Beaches

Kerala & Beaches.. Wats new in that?? But the “Golden Sand Beach” which is not on a typical ‘Must visit places list’ of Kerala, is the most serene beach, I have ever seen. Actually “THE GOLDEN SAND BEACH”

PicsArt (2)

– Kerala thali

We were pretty confused to order food cooked in coconut oil.. BUT the big, spicy, delicious..(and I m already drooling) Kerela Thali which we found in Thekkady is a must must have…Its a delight for Veg & Non-Veg Lovers.. 😀

photo (2)

– Click a PANORAMA pic in Munnar

The beauty of Tea Garden matched with perfect sky can only be captured in a Panorama & you won’t stop clicking

photo (3)

– House boat

The Houseboat in the Backwaters of Kerala – The more I searched on net, the more confusing it got…To go or not?.. Finally we went, & we didn’t regret.. It is out of the World Experience..The Houseboats sailing near u, the oh so beautiful scenes which we see in movies are just there in front of u.. The food on Houseboat is amazing.. and the experience, takes away ur heart…Snaps say it all!

PicsArt (1)

Learn to speak “I love u” & “gaali”

I really love to ask for “I love you’ & one “Gaali” to locals, wherever I travel..It just makes my day…DO TRY IT NEXT TIME, U MIGHT LOVE THE Experience…



Kerala, a ‘Secular State’ where in our driver, guide & new found friend Shafiq called the beautiful Chapels of Kerala…”Christians ki Dargah”  & temples, as “Hinduo ki masjid”

Most of the restaurants had a wall with all deities together

Gimme a buzz before you go plan a trip to God’s very own country!


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