Daughters are such a waste!

Cut I

Sunday Morning, My husband and Me decide to go for a coffee with one of our Close friend Kalpit (Gender-MALE).

Mr Kalpit has got a baby (Gender-FEMALE) who will be turning one in a month or two.I being the Overly Excited Soul asked him “Where is the Party?? Did u book Banquet? When are we getting the treat?”

Mr Kalpit belongs to “ Business class  , well to do family ” replies very innocently…”Ï haven’t thought about it”.

So , we all search for different birthday ideas from our Facebook accounts…(read Stalking Facebook pics of random people for ideas) & different Party Organisers.

I come across really nice pics of A grand Party and as a Reference ..I show him all the pics.

Ladka hai na…..Isliye itna Grand hai”…..are the lines which he blabbers…

Complete Silence for 15 mins……………………………………………………(I was burnt from inside, It was such a big slap on my Race…)

Cut II

Tuesday routine night , we (V & I) were starting our dinner at home…and suddenly the phone rang. I saw the name…It was Kalpit…& it was THE DAY(Birthday).

I asked V to pick up the call and see if he is calling us for party..:-D…& I left my sprouts & soup half way in the expectations of Tikkas , Biryaani…Cake..Pics and lottt more…

Kalpit was broken…..Kalpit’s mother (Mother of SONS) had denied all the Celebrations and the happiness surrounding the girl’s birthday.

This incident just tore my heart in pieces and left me with no words. I tried to explain but all in vain

Its not about party,its about respecting the presence.Its about expressing love.

Agar aurat hi khud ki ijjat na kare,to koi aur kaise kare.


Are We the People living in metros?

Are we still stuck to Gender Biasness?

Are we the Bright Youth of India?

Does a “ Extra two Inch Finger” alters the love and Celebrations?

Just giving birth to a Boy child frees us from all the responsibilities and we become superior?

Why is the Girl child not given equal love and respect?

What I Concluded—Daughters are such a waste for the Parents…Even though they have only 25-30 years to celebrate their life with their parents, they waste the Money , time and resources of their parents.Ignore the happiness of a child, just because she has “’one Finger less”.Please Save your Hard earned money for a Male child and his ladakpann!!

When will Daughters (rather god) realise… They are such a waste of Time.

Why don’t two Men come together and give a birth to ‘THE BOY’…NOW I AM TALKING BUSINESS…RIGHT????




Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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