Do u think we have cords attached ? like the ones in Avatar…

“I love being recklessly straightforward.”

I love calling or sending “out of nowhere”’ text messages to people I haven’t talked to, from a long time…. I love calling people for a coffee just randomly any day. I love telling them that I love spending time with u. I love hugging people. I love saying, I love the way u kiss me….I love the way u hold me. A little emoji on whats app makes my day brighter. I love the tongue out Smiley..and whenever I see it..i have a self image of tongue out..:-p…with a wink..;-P

I just want people around me to be happy..and tell them what they mean to me..Earth would not have been a beautiful place without all of u.

But y?

I have a feeling…One day, I might die in a accident…or may be some unknown disease…I will never know what….and all the feelings inside me will die with me….

It’s the fear which makes me reckless. Its the fear which makes me outgoing. Its the fear which makes me love people more. Its the fear that makes me look desperate. It makes me want to live more…live more in every moment..It makes me free…Fear makes me Free..

Its magical to find love in all corners of earth..Its magical how an unknown city becomes ur home…how the people in train become ur friends…how ur collegue starts feeling ur problems…how a stranger u met in running club becomes ur close friend… a highly experienced guy i met in a conference becomes my buddy…its just so magical…

invisible cords
invisible cords

There are some cords attached…just like the ones we saw in Avatar movie…yes those purplish pink ones…I have a feeling we also have some cords attached…just that they are invisible.

Its strange…that when our loved ones are’t well or going through a bad phase…we can automatically feel the same , sitting miles away…howmuch ever we fight with our parents or siblings…something draws us to it a magnet…cords..wat..there is a strong feeling of belongingness….YES…the Cords are attached..the invisible ones…and to a lottt of people around us..of which we are unaware…

I love the way I have strings attached to nature..I love to walk and feel the green grass…I love to see flowers…I love to see the sky…I just feel I have some connection with the nature..yes..the cords are attached,,,

And I love the cords…jus the fear of loosing some..makes me reckless…

I love being Fearfully Free..its liberating..

Do u feel Fearfully free..have u had the same feeling,even for a moment..Feel free to share..remember even a emoji makes my day..!



4 thoughts on “Do u think we have cords attached ? like the ones in Avatar…

  1. Sj

    Yes…there are cords….and each one of us has multiple cords I think! Being happy and loving and TRUELY passionate about people is the only way going forward.

    I hear the news here, there, everywhere and at times feel the same FEAR you are talking about…..the FEAR of Unkown…..the FEAR of Tomorrow. But then, I Say…..Hella Yes….Let me be happy…. For what I have today. So what I talk a lot with anyone I meet……so what people think I got a little too much time and energy to be pally with people… can judge all you want…..I’ll keep connecting those Cords.

    Keep Smiling:)))


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